Exploration and Practice

Senlan R&D focuses on the implementation of cutting-edge nutrition and health research results to provide our customers with innovative, excellent products.

Senlan Research Institute has effectively realized the unification of formula research and development, quality risk system and technique exploration. Our company extensively cooperates with leading scientific research institutions in the industry to develops cutting-edge products with competitive advantages. Senlan Bio has started special research projects with many food nutrition engineering research institutions at abroad and at home, Senlan Bio has also established strategic cooperation with Jiangnan University, Jilin Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University respectively.

Senlan R&D Center

Focusing on the design and manufacturing of functional food solutions. Senlan R&D center is professional and efficient in the functional food industry.

The Center is a strong driving force behind our business, enabling us to offer our partners different functional food solutions.

Huazhong Agricultural University R&D Center for Functional Food and IngredientsWith College of Food Science and Technology of HAU

Jiangnan University Blueberry Enzyme Monographic Study With School of Food Science and Technology of JNU

Joint R&D Center for Molecular Nutrition and FSMP With Jilin Agricultural University

Senlan Bio understands customer`s product concepts

and helps turn the concept design to product in a scientific way.

Market research

  • ▪ Providing a reliable basis for the implementation of forward-looking strategies with the keen insight into the global market.
  • ▪ Having an in-depth interpretation of China's health food regulations.

Product design

  • ▪ The positioning and advice
  • ▪ The design of product portfolio/ production line
  • ▪ The concept
  • ▪ The promotion

Product research

  • ▪ The formulation and technique 
  • ▪ The sensory test 
  • ▪ The standard and analytical methods
  • ▪ The stability test
  • ▪ The consumer’s trial