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Beauty drinks series

Skin beauty drink with less sugar

InnerBeauty Goldcap Drink 1

Ingredient:Collagen peptide, concentrated juice of cherry, erythritol, concentrated juice of rose eggplant, Noni juice, chrysanthemum powder, vitamin C, concentrated powder of red pomegranate, goldcap extract, yeast extract, bonito elastic protein.

Product Specifications:30ml/bag

Taking method:twice a day, one bag for each time, drinking directly.

Brightening the skin, to be the focus

InnerBeatuty Cherry vitamin C powder with collagen peptid 2

Ingredient:Collagen peptide, erythritol, acerola cherry juice powder, inulin (0.3 g/bag), xylitol, acerola cherry powder, hydrolytic II-type collagen, E-glue peptide powder, bonito elastin peptide, cubilose peptide powder, olive powder, N-acetylneuraminic acid (1.5mg/bag), daily inulin intake≤15g, daily n-acetylneuraminic acid intake≤500 mg.

Product Specifications:3g/bag

Taking method:taking directly or drinking with water.

Nourishing the skin with the cubilose

InnerBeauty Cubilose Collagen Jelly 3

Ingredient:Water, collagen peptide (1g/ bag), oligosaccharide, concentrated cranberry juice, concentrated red grape juice, concentrated cherry juice, concentrated hawthorn juice, seabuckthorn juice, cubilose powder product, konjac powder.

Product Specifications:20g/bag

Taking method:taking directly, one to two bag per a day.

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