Internal conditioning

Being healthy from inner to outside

Conditioning body by eating

Having a sound sleep being away from pressure

HerbsTech™ Daily sleeping drink 1

Ingredient:Concentrated apple juice, linden honey, beet (concentrated juice) powder, jujube kernel powder, Y-aminobutyric acid, tea theanine, Orchid extract, valeriana extract, asparagus powder, lily flower powder, lotus seed powder, poria cocos powder, vitamin C.

Product Specifications:30ml/bag

Taking method:drinking one to two bags directly before sleep

Drinking everyday keeping healthy everyday

Specriut® Saussurea drink with polypeptide 2

Ingredient:Polypeptide, cultured Saussurea product, Tremella polysaccharide, Nacetylneuraminic acid, bovine transocetic acid.

Product Specifications:30ml/bag

Taking method:once or twice a day, one bag for each time (after waking up or before sleeping). Drinking with medicines is not suggested. Please follow the doctor's advice before operation and during hospitalization.

Young eyes do not afraid of blu-ray

HerbsTech™ Blueberry blackcurrant jelly 3

Ingredient:Water, crystalline trehalose, concentrated red grape juice, concentrated blueberry juice, concentrated Wolfberry juice, instant blueberry powder, blackcurrant juice concentrate, lutein ester, vitamin C, sucralose, Konjac powder.

Product Specifications:15g/bag

Taking method:drinking directly.

Red ginseng making healthy and strong body

HerbsTech™ Noni & Red ginseng juice 4

Ingredient:Water, noni juice, concentrated apple juice, erythritol, red ginseng extract.

Product Specifications:15ml/bag

Taking method:drinking directly.

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